Last info a Timetable Festia Open air 2018

The Festia Open Air festival is already held this Saturday, and we are bringing useful information for visitors.
Last info a Timetable Festia Open air 2018

The Festia Open Air festival is already held this Saturday, and we are bringing useful information for visitors. 

Pay attention to all the instructions that will ensure your safe and great experience from this festival. First of all, we ask visitors to bring their e-ticket tickets to the place printed (color or black and white) for quick check-in at the entrance. Due to the increased concentration of the on-site visitor, it may happen that your e-ticket on your mobile will not want to be loaded (overloading the data network). Thank you. Festia Crew. 


12:00 - 22:00 - Festia Open Air - Camping Kotva, U Kempingu, Prague Branik ( 

22:00 - ??: ?? - Official afterparty festival (Mayapur Pokojícek, Mezi Vodami 35, Prague Modřany, about 2 km from the festival site - 

05:00 - ??: ?? - Afterparty - club Atelier, Rybna 16, Prague 1. 


The advance will be terminated on May 25, 2017, at 23:59 pm. Entrance 12:00 - 13:00 will be free of charge (not applicable to VIP), then from 13:00 it will be possible to buy tickets on the spot at the price of 350 CZK / 18 EUR (basic admission fee). VIP TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT and you will not be able to buy them on the spot. Upload your e-tickets to the entry printed for faster check-in. Thank you.

After leaving the camp, the ticket will become invalid and in the event of a return it is necessary to buy a new ticket. Returns will not be issued. Every visitor gets a tape that he has to wear all the time on his hand. Visitors moving to the camp without a ribbon will have to leave the festival.


The deposit box and cloakroom will be available at the festival venue for the whole time for 40 CZK/2 EUR. Capacity will be limited. We are not responsible for the valuables stored in the vault. If the number is lost, it will be necessary to wait until the end of the festival.


The possibility of parking is in the vicinity of the camp, pay particular attention to the large number of visitors and respect the rules of road traffic.


It is forbidden to bring food, drink, alcohol, weapons and any addictive or narcotic substances into the festival area. Furthermore, it is forbidden to bring any dangerous objects, weapons, etc. Visitors will be controlled by a metal detector.


An emergency rescue service will be present and displayed. If necessary, contact these healthcare professionals, or security staff in the area, who call the medical staff using the radio to the location.


It is forbidden to distribute, distribute or otherwise distribute offers of competitive events not only in the festival area but also in its immediate vicinity and adjacent streets without permission of the organizer of the event. Send your request to email, or to the organizer of the festival - at the ticket office of the festival.


Afterparty will take place about 2 km from the venue of the festival in Mayapur Pokojíček - Mezi Vodami 35, Praha Modřany. Admission to the afterparty is set at 90 CZK / 40 EUR and it will be possible to buy the ticket not only at the time of the festival at the cash desk or at the hostesses, but also at the venue afterparty in the Mayapur room. The path will be visibly marked. We recommend using the taxi service.


We firmly believe that you will enjoy the festival and that we will meet again in the next edition of the Festia Festival. Thanks. Festia Crew.